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Frequently Asked Questions

"Your questions answered. Explore our FAQs section to find solutions, insights, and information on common queries and concerns."

  • Do you offer specialized more focused 1-0-1 classes ?
    NAPA Dance School offers personalized 1-on-1 classes, tailoring the dance experience to each student's unique needs and goals. This individualized approach ensures focused learning, rapid progress, and a deep connection with the art of Indian classical dance.
  • What form or style of Bharatanatyam is taught?
    At Nritta Dhyana, we adhere exclusively to the Kalakshetra Baani style.
  • Does Bharatanatyam have a closer association with Hinduism?
    Learning Bharatanatyam is not solely tied to the Hindu religion. It is a profound Indian classical dance form that transcends religious boundaries, celebrating diverse cultural expressions, stories, and emotions, making it accessible and meaningful to all.
  • What is Bharatanatyam?
    Bharatanatyam is a traditional Indian classical dance form, renowned for its intricate footwork, expressive hand gestures, and emotive storytelling. Rooted in ancient Indian culture, it combines rhythmic movements, dramatic expressions, and graceful postures to convey narratives, emotions, and spiritual themes, embodying the rich heritage of Indian art.
  • Can I learn Bharatanatyam online?
    Indeed, online Bharatanatyam classes leverage advanced technology, facilitating seamless dance instruction through ZOOM. With NAPA, you can access top-notch instructors based out of our centre in Kuwait or in Bengaluru , India and transcending geographical and time limitations to pursue your dance education.
  • Can I discontinue my classes in between and then rejoin at a later date?
    Yes! Students learning Bharatanatyam at our academy have the flexibility to pause their studies for personal reasons and resume their course later. We understand that life can be unpredictable, and we welcome students back with open arms, ensuring a seamless continuation of their dance journey.
  • How do I register for Online Classes?
    To get started, please click on the "Contact Us" section and complete the application form for registration. Following that, you will receive a phone call, and we will provide you with additional instructions.
  • What if I am in a different time zone?
    No problem at all. Your classes will be arranged to accommodate your geographic location and time zone, ensuring convenience for you.
  • How many hours in a day should be devoted to practicing Indian Classical Dance?
    Our instructors recommend daily practice for a minimum of one hour to reinforce class teachings. Practice duration varies based on your skill level and goals. Students aiming for rapid progress may invest more daily time.
  • How many years does it take to learn Bharatanatyam?
    It takes 2-3 years of consistent practice to get your body attuned to the dance form. Further, it takes 4 years to achieve the diploma and two years for the post-diploma.
  • What are the health benefits of learning Classical dance?
    Learning Indian classical dance nurtures cultural appreciation, enhances physical fitness, fosters discipline, and aids in emotional expression. It instills grace, rhythm, and self-confidence while preserving rich traditions and connecting with a vibrant artistic heritage.
  • Would I receive a certification once my online course is completed?
    Certainly. Every student who successfully completes our programs receives certification from the Nritta Dhyana Academy of Performing Arts.
  • How much does the course cost?
    The course fee varies depending on the course type and additional hours of study you choose, including regular batch options. Contact us today to explore our diverse fee packages further.
  • Can I access the online classes from a mobile phone?
    Certainly! Nevertheless, for an enhanced viewing and learning experience, we suggest utilizing either a desktop or a laptop.
  • What is the right age to start learning Bharatanatyam?
    It is better if you can start as early as the age of 4. However, there is no upper age limit. As long as you are physically capable and have the learner's mindset, you can start learning Bharatanatyam even at the age of 60.
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