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Our Courses - An Overview

Dive into the world of Indian classical dance with our diverse range of courses. From beginner to advanced levels, our academy offers comprehensive training in Bharatanatyam, Mohiniyattam, Kuchipudi and more.

Explore our range of certification courses at NAPA Academy, available both in-person at our esteemed academy premises and through our flexible online platform. Each course caters to dancers of diverse levels, from novices to seasoned practitioners, ensuring a comprehensive and enriching learning experience in Indian classical dance.

1. Foundation Course: Embark on your dance voyage with our Foundation Course. Designed for beginners, this course introduces you to the core principles of Indian classical dance. You'll learn basic postures, footwork, hand gestures (mudras), and the fundamental elements that serve as the bedrock of classical dance. By the course's end, you'll exude confidence in your dance abilities, setting the stage for higher levels of mastery.

2. Intermediate Course: Continue your artistic journey with the Intermediate Course, an opportunity to deepen your dance expertise. Here, you'll refine your techniques, delve into complex choreography, and master intricate mudras and expressions (abhinaya). This course equips you with the skills to convey profound emotions and prepares you for advanced levels.

3. Advanced Course: For those seeking virtuosity and professional competence, the Advanced Course offers intensive training. Explore intricate footwork, sophisticated choreography, and the nuances of Indian classical dance. Develop your unique artistic voice, and acquire the expertise needed for professional performances and teaching opportunities.

4. Talam and Laya Course: Rhythm is at the heart of Indian classical dance. Our Talam and Laya Course delves into the intricacies of rhythm, timing, and beat patterns. You'll gain proficiency in complex rhythmic compositions, elevating your dance performances to new heights.

5. Abhinaya (Expression) Course: Expressing emotions through your dance is a hallmark of classical Indian dance. Our Abhinaya Course focuses on developing your ability to convey feelings and stories effectively. Dive deep into the world of emotions, narratives, and dramatic expression.




  • Comprehensive Skill Development: Gain a holistic understanding of Indian classical dance, including its history, techniques, and cultural significance.


  • Expert Guidance: Our experienced faculty, many of whom are accomplished dancers, provide individualized guidance and prompt feedback to help you excel.


  • Flexible Learning: Whether you prefer in-person or online courses, our offerings cater to your schedule and preferences.


  • Certification: Successfully completing each course earns you a prestigious certification from NAPA Academy, validating your Indian classical dance proficiency.


  • Artistic Growth: Our courses not only enhance your dance skills but also nurture creativity and self-expression, enriching your overall artistic journey.


Enroll now to embark on your path to becoming a certified Indian classical dancer with NAPA Academy. Elevate your skills, deepen your understanding, and share the captivating art of classical dance with the world.


Summary of Bharatanatyam areas covered



Videos demonstrating the basics of Bharatanatyam



Audio of Sollu kettu in Bharatanatyam



The various concepts of the dance form



Basic steps in Bharatnatyam



Hand gestures used in Bharatnatyam



A brief history of the dance form and related information


Courses Offered In

NAPA offers diverse classes, including Bharatanatyam, Mohiniyattam, Kalaripayattu, and contemporary dance. Explore the rich tapestry of Indian arts and contemporary expressions with us.

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